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... an independent strategy and management consulting company operating in the Life Science industry, specialised in helping our clients to innovate and navigate through an increasingly complex health ecosystem.

Meet our team of experts

Inovigate is an independent consultancy firm operating in the European Life Science and Healthcare community. We strive to achieve better outcomes for our clients by utilizing our deep sector knowledge and experience.

At Inovigate we value the diversity and talents of individuals and how they contribute to the capabilities of our team. We bring our passion and enthusiasm to reap the benefits of every project for our clients, our company and our team.

We believe that our approach of working closely with the clients’ management team creates value for both our clients and us. To that end we embed ourselves in the client organisation to become part of the day-to-day interactions on every project we do.

Our experience gained through our many strategy and transformation projects allows us to consolidate multiple methodologies and tools into a unique Inovigate approach that is tailored to the specific client need. Our focus is on actionable outcomes and results that can be implemented immediately.

In our client engagements we also utilise a network of experts and partners with complementary skills. This helps us to mobilize the right team for every single engagement. Our network includes thought leaders, influencers and other most diverse experts in different fields within the health ecosystem.

Who we work for

We are exclusively working for the Life Science and Healthcare community, because we think that only experience gained in many engagements within the sector and its specific requirements can actually help our clients.

Pharmaceutical & Biotech

Large and small pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, generic pharmaceutical and OTC companies, contract research and contract manufacturing organisations, and also sector associations and technology suppliers to the pharmaceutical sector.

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Hospital and private clinical and pathology service labs, small and international POCT and diagnostic equipment companies, around the world.

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Medical devices & medical products

Companies providing medical supplies, medical products, medical devices, diagnostic products, medical consumer products, medical IT solutions, and consumer health products and devices.

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Health & academic research

Hospitals, healthcare service providers, payers, academic research centers, not-for-profit research organisations, tech transfer offices, incubation centers and bio-banks.

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New entrants & new players

New players entering the health ecosystem, like: consumer electronics, consumer products, consumer service providers, technology companies and insurance companies.

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What we do

We specifically help our clients with strategy definition, Business Planning and Management, in Research & Development, Market access as well as Marketing and Sales.

Industry insight analysis

We aim to provide independent industry insight into the trends within the converging health ecosystem through future planning, scenario planning and deep market analysis and assist you in identifying emerging market opportunities.

Strategy formulation & business planning

We are specialised in re-aligning existing or formulating new business and corporate strategies for individual companies, collaborative partnerships, research and incubation centres and industry associations. Next to overall business and corporate strategies we provide support for innovation, data science, information and technology strategies.

Business model re-alignment

We re-align existing or design new business models for your business or collaboration and support you transitioning from a product-centered business model towards service or solution oriented business models. Our focus is to provide benefit and risk-sharing, outcomes-driven business models.

Market access planning

We provide market access capabilities for launching pharmaceutical products, medical devices and diagnostics, including specific country insights on market access and reimbursement requirements. We develop country launch plans, stakeholder engagement plans and value messaging.

Business process transformation

We integrate business processes across business units or geographies and focus on designing and transforming business critical processes, addressing issues like outcomes management, translational research, patient adherence, real-world trials, live licensing, collaborative R&D and optimised market access.

Program management & change management

We provide program management capabilities for implementing your strategies and transformation projects from ideas into actionable results. We complement this with efficient change management capabilities.

Valuation and funding services

Whether our clients are looking to determine a corporate- or project value for an acquisition or licensing, funding to take their projects to the next stage or optimizing their portfolio, we are there to offer objective advice and due diligence based on rigorous analysis in combination with deep expertise and abroad network of experts and funding sources.

Portfolio management

We provide scenario planning, market intelligence and financial modelling expertise to prioritise portfolio assets and support management decision making.

Reg. nrs.: DV.A222358

In Belgium, Inovigate is KMO-portefeuille certified. We can offer significant reduction of cost of advises given to other KMOs (Belgian small to mid-sized companies). Please contact the Belgian Inovigate office at info@inovigate.com for more information on requirements to qualify for cost reductions.

Our Expertise

Experience with pharma and biotech companies through engagements on:

  • R&D externalisation strategy, collaborative business models (with biotechs, SME’s, spin-offs, academia)
  • Bootcamp for start-ups
  • Data platform strategy, RWE / data strategy
  • R&D strategy and Target Operating Model
  • Medical Leadership strategy & KPI dashboard
  • Business model for an innovative cancer treatment
  • Translational research & biobanking strategy
  • Personalised medicine business model
  • Vaccine R&D portfolio strategy
  • Competitive portfolio analysis
  • Stem cell therapy start-up business planning, funding support, investor proposition
  • Market access strategy and stakeholder engagement program
  • Due diligence and valuation of a potential acquisition target

Experience with Diagnostic companies through engagements on:

  • Strategic plan, business plan
  • New go-to-market strategy, Market access plan
  • Market analysis - building short list and due diligence for acquisitions in Dx
  • Stakeholder engagement program, value proposition development
  • Market access plan, impact of lab medicine on healthcare budgets
  • eServices strategy
  • Patient engagement
  • Master data management strategy and implementation
  • Merger and acquisition support
  • Data strategy
  • Business plan and business model for lab-on-a-chip technology

Experience with Medical Device organisations through engagements on:

  • mHealth strategy and Business model
  • mHealth market access & reimbursement
  • Data strategy, RWE strategy
  • Business model for an innovative med tech solution
  • Med Tech business model
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Competitive market analysis
  • Business planning, funding support, investor proposition for an innovative medical device
  • Market access strategy and stakeholder engagement program
  • Due dilligence and valuation of a potential acquisition target

Experience with research organisations, through engagements on:

  • Strategy, partnering selection, stakeholder engagement program
  • Collaborative development model, consortium building, organisational model
  • Data strategy
  • Translational research & Drug development Unit strategic plan
  • Collaborative technology development model, strategy, business model, partnering & business development
  • Wearables strategy
  • Spin-out strategy
  • Business plan for biobank and translational research
  • Business plan for an academic collaborative research initiative
  • Business planning and business feasibility for spin-out
  • Support and coaching of ventures - Bootcamps

Experience with product and service providers to the pharma sector, through engagements on:

  • Strategic plan, innovation strategy, competitive market analysis, market positioning and go-to-market plan, for industrial IT solutions
  • Strategy and business planning for 2 new internal technology ventures
  • Strategic plan, competitive market analysis, market positioning, go-to-market plan for service provider
  • Health Business Development plan for technology player
  • Strategy and business plan for innovative product supplier
  • Health cluster strategy & regional development plan
  • Economic impact assessment for regulatory changes

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